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PINAR TILE MACHINERY; Machine exist in Turkey  and many other countries:

In Turkey PINAR TILE MACHINERY’S machine exist in 26 Governorates shown as bellow :

Van – Erzurum –Trabzon – Ordu –Tokat – Sivas –Kayseri – Elazığ –Malatya – Diyarbakır – Batman – Şanlıurfa – Gaziantep – Hatay – Kahramanmaraş – Mersin – Konya – Isparta – Burdur – Ankara – Karabük – Kastamonu – Zonguldak – Bartın – Bursa – İzmir .

In Russia PINAR TILE MACHINERY’s machine exist in Volgograd Governorate South of Russia.

In Oman PINAR TILE MACHINERY’s machine exist in Barka – Muscat  Governorate.

In Iraq PINAR TILE MACHINERY’s machine exist in (Basrah – Necef – Babil – Thikar – Wasit – Erbil)  Governorates and we provide them with  all the kind of spare parts for Turkish and Italian machines

In Jordan PINAR TILE MACHINERY’s machine exist in Amman Governorate.

In Egypt PINAR TILE MACHINERY’s machine exist in Cairo Governorate and we provide them with all the kinds of spare parts.

In Sudan  PINAR TILE MACHINERY’s machine exist in Khartoum Governorate.

Note :

  • Pınar Tile Machinery’s machine won the customer satisfaction and the proof is that most of our cosumers after buying a machine they contact us for having one more machine and some of them sells high capacities of tile so they need a higher capacity machine and that is exactly what we are doing plus our machines made from steel , covers are from fibers, water pipes are made from chrome , electric parts  from schneider or Siemens, vibration motors from Italy, hydraulic system  from Germany, electric motors from Turkey which is famous with it’s high quality copper.
  • The total sales untill the end of 2017 are more than 18,000,000 Euro.